Window blinds have been around for a while, as one type or another, but the improvements that have been made to vertical blinds will probably surprise you. The beautiful fabrics being used today to enhance the look of the window blinds can be stripes, flowers, or a solid colour. The darker colours are great for filtering light. When they are closed, you have the privacy you want. They are definitely not the window blinds of 10 to 15 years ago.

While some people prefer these window blinds to be fabric, there are other great choices as well. They can be purchased made of Vinyl Pvc, Vinyl embossed Pvc, Aluminium or Wood. The choice depends on your preferences, taste and the decor of the room, in which they will hang. Long or short panels can be hung on the outside, or the inside of your window, for a different look.

Hanging long panels of window blinds on a short window gives the impression of a larger window. Unlike mini blinds, there are no visible strings or holes, since these are under the headrails at the top. The finished look of this type of window blinds can make a room one of the best rooms for entertaining in your home.